4G Routers

Buying a 4G router for your M2M application is quick and simple, with next working day delivery.

If you need assistance when buying your router, just give us a call and don’t forget that we also offer accessories such as 4G antennas, 4G signal testers and of course fixed IP SIM cards because easy remote access to your 4G router should be simple and reliable.

The majority of our routers are designed to provide reliable 4G mobile broadband Internet connectivity for remote monitoring and management applications and use features like ping reboot / cell ICMP check to confirm the router has a valid 4G connection saving expensive site visits to power the router off and on when it gets disconnected by the mobile network. Other resilience features can include dual SIM failover, dual SIM and dual 4G modem for hot swap failover, SMS reboot and timed or daily reboots.

None of our 4G routers are locked to any network so can be used with all 3G and 4G mobile phone networks in the UK including standard data SIM cards as well as M2M data SIM Cards / Fixed IP SIM Cards.

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