FBXPMIMO Cross Polarized MIMO 4G Antenna with 2 x 5m cables with SMA Male - 8dBi Peak Gain

FBXPMIMO Cross Polarized MIMO 4G Antenna with 2 x 5m cables with SMA Male - 8dBi Peak Gain

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This is an Outdoor 4G antenna for use with our range of 3G and 4G Routers. The FBXPMIMO is a Cross Polarised antenna offering superb performance when used with 4G Routers / 4G Networks. The unit comprises a robust antenna hosuing with pole mount bracket and is supplied with 2 x 5m long low loss cables with SMA Male connectors to suit connectivity to our range of routers.

These two antenna cables connect to the MAIN and AUX ports of your 4G router. This antenna is for use in an outdoor location and should be positioned in a location with a good network signal.

Fullband Cross Polarised Outdoor 4G Antenna – Omni Directional – 8dBi Peak Gain.

Frequency range 698-960/1710/1800-2600MHz
VSWR 3.0/2.5
Gain 8dBi/10dBiX2
E-plane 70°/60°
H-Plane 90°/50°
Max Power 100W
Polarization Vertical X2
Input impedance 50 Ohm

Mechanical parameter

Connector N female X2
RF cable assemble N male —SMA male 5 meter length X2
Cable type SFF50-3
dimension – 400X125X50(mm)
Rated wind velocity 60-m/s
lightning protecting Direct-Current grounding
Antenna radome ABS
Weight(kg) 2

Install the FBXPMIMO antenna in the location where you get the best 4G signal and run the 2 x antenna cables to your 4G router which is located in a position with a poorer 4G signal and benefit from optimised 4G service.

We dont recommend using this antenna if your 4G router is already receiving a good 4G service becuase this is not a booster antenna and will not boost your signal or 4G download speeds – it is primarily inteded for use where your router is in a position with a poor signal but you have a good signal where you intend to install the antenna.