VoIP over 4G

VoIP Over 4G

We do not recommend using our industrial 4G routers with a standard SIM card for office VoIP.

First of all, using a standard 4G Data SIM will not usually work for VoIP because UK Mobile Phone networks will use CGNAT (Carrier Grade NAT) which basically means that when your RUT950 router connects to EE (for example) then EE will provide the 4G router with a PRIVATE IP address which is behind a shared PUBLIC IP address.  This creates problems with authentication to your VoIP provider as well as issues with traffic routing and usually ends up with only a one way call.

The other issue with using a standard 4G Data SIM card directly from the UK mobile networks is latency at peak times.  During peak times, latency can be too excessive for reliable and good quality VoIP calls and you do not want your business offering poor quality voice services to your customers.  this latency also causes issues with UC (Unified Communications) solutions.

So how do I get a reliable VoIP over 4G service?

The answer is an innovative managed 4G solution that provides a reliable 4G connection with fixed, public IP address and the 4G connection is managed by software to ensure consistent bandwidth and low latency so you can run high quality VoIP Calls, Unified Communications and even use the link for your office 4G Internet browsing and email.

In fact our SUPER DATA Solution is the equivalent of a Leased Line but using 4G mobile broadband.  The SUPERDATA 4G Connection can also be used as 4G backup solution for leased lines and DSL services.


Our brand new SUPER DATA plan offers 500 GB per month (Capped) data or a whopping 1000 GB per month (capped) of high speed 4G data which can be used for:-Primary office 4G Connection – works with VoIP and Unified Communications with QoS
CCTV for live streaming or HD quality 4G CCTV
Office 4G backup with fixed price for large data bundle

SUPER DATA Plans require our hardware to provide a managed service


SUPER DATA Appliance and 4G Router (includes delivery and telephone support for set-up) £395.00

SUPER DATA Rental – £130.00 per month

SUPER DATA 500GB plan is capped at 500GB – if you exceed this during the month you can ask for a top-up of 500GB for £99.00


SUPER DATA Appliance and 4G Router (includes delivery and telephone support for set-up) £395.00

SUPER DATA Rental – £175.00 per month

SUPER DATA 100GB plan is capped at 1000GB – no additional data is available during the billing period

SUPER DATA Fixed IP SIM Card plans come with a single, public IP address and is subject to a 24 month contract. Extra IP addresses £10 per month. Fully Managed service upgrade including Next Business Day Break / Fix – add £19.50 per month

Lead Time from receipt of contract is 5 working days.